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Who we are

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Pakistan consists of a small group of medical experts and volunteers who have come together with one mission.

We have experienced the journey of a brain tumour either through our patients, or directly through the diagnosis of a loved one. We have seen ourselves how challenging and exhausting it can be to fight a brain tumour diagnosis, either directly or indirectly.

Therefore, we are here to help those going through the journey today. To provide them with resources to make informed decisions, to share ways to support them when they need a community to rely on, and to keep pushing for research to improve the treatments available for all of us.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to reach every individual in Pakistan impacted by a brain tumour with support, education, information, and research and to accurately represent Pakistan on the global brain tumour map.

Our Vision is to drastically improve the quality of life for those impacted by a brain tumour in Pakistan and to help in eventually finding a global cure for the disease.

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Our Story

This foundation is in memory of our founder's late husband, Mohammed Taha Rafi (1976-2015), who we lost to a GBM. 

Our hope and aim is to make the journey of those impacted by a brain tumour in Pakistan today easier than it was for Taha and Komal. 

About: Who We Are
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