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Questions to Ask your
Health Care team

Being Prepared. Taking Notes. 

Regular communication is important in making informed decisions about your health care. It can be helpful to bring someone along to your appointments to take notes.

Consider asking your health care team the following questions:

  1. What type of brain tumour do I have? Is it cancerous?

  2. Can you explain my pathology report (laboratory test results) to me?

  3. What grade is the brain tumour? What does this mean?

  4. Would you explain my treatment options?

  5. What clinical trials are available for me? Where are they located, and how do I find out more about them?

  6. What treatment plan do you recommend? Why?

  7. What is the goal of each treatment? Is it to eliminate the tumour, help me feel better, or both?

  8. Who will be part of my treatment team, and what does each member do?

  9. What supportive care will be given to help control my symptoms and side effects?

  10. How will this treatment affect my daily life? Will I be able to work, exercise, and perform my usual activities?

  11. What level of caregiving will I need during treatment and recovery?

  12. Will this treatment affect my ability to become pregnant or have children?

  13. What long-term side effects may be associated with my treatment? 

  14. If I’m worried about managing the costs of cancer care, who can help me?

  15. Where can I find emotional support for me and my family?

  16. If I have a question or problem, who should I call?

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